Our signature Reformer class targets core stability muscles, improving overall muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. Designed to improve mobility and enhance athletic competence through proper form, breath and muscular function. You will develop a deepening awareness and activation of intrinsic core postural muscles, reforming your body from the inside out! This is an efficient, effective whole "hardbody" workout for every body! Appropriate for all levels. (55 minutes)
*Work performed primarily on the Reformer with some Pilates Chair and Wall Tower as space permits.
A perfect blend of flowing Pilates exercises on mixed apparatus to re-awaken your core, rejuvenate muscles and realign your body. Acoustic music, precision cueing and deep, full breathing techniques perfectly compliment this fluid hour of active stretching and strengthening. Return to life! Feel younger, stronger, and regain core balance and alignment. Appropriate for all levels. (55 minutes)
*Work will be performed on the Reformer, Wall Tower and Pilates Chair.
Our Pilates noontime express! Eat light, then fire up your core while firming and toning arms, legs and bootie for a lean sculpted Pilates body! Bring a co-worker, and bring your game to re:charge, re:energize and burn more calories throughout the second half of your day! Appropriate for all levels. (55 minutes)