Heidi Strong, Owner and Chief Pilates Advocate (Addict)

I had a successful and rewarding graphic design career for over 25 years, but I also had the poor posture and slumped shoulders that come from spending too many hours at a computer. I kept hearing the buzz about Pilates transforming bodies and was determined to experience it myself. After completing an intensive Pilates comprehensive apparatus certification through the Physical Mind Institute method, I was hooked. I was inspired by the immediate changes in my own body after practicing just three times a week for only one month! I chose to shift gears from my 25-year graphic design career and opened Pilates Napa Valley in April 2007. We’ve been going 10 years “Strong” and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I love training clients of all ages and fitness levels, and watching their bodies and lives change through Pilates, just as mine did.
Heidi Strong at Pilates Napa Valley