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quotes  Lisa G. - Villagio
Guest Double happiness happens here. Pilates itself a stellar practice to establish solid posture -- from which all other fitness programs benefit -- and secondly, The instructor is a patient, focused, enthusiastic and wise trainer and coach. Private lessons or group mat classes -- either effective and a great treat for any body!
quotes  Randy Dowis
-Local Napa Valley Businessman
I have been doing Pilates for over a year now and the results are incredible. I am a 58 year-old male and I have always worked out at a gym on my own and was a little hesitant to try the "instructor/class" method of exercise. If you are like me, and most people, an hour with a great instructor like Heidi, is worth 2-3 hours at the gym unless you are very disciplined. Heidi is a master at encouraging you and ensuring that you are always working at your peak potential. Her 60 minute routines are a killer workout and the results come very fast. There is no down time in her routines so your time in the studio is maximized, which I really like. Heidi is very knowledgeable and very patient. Her classes are small, 6 people max, which means you get a great deal of personal attention. I highly recommend Pilates as a form and exercise and Pilates Napa Valley studio.
quotes  Ariel Ceja
-Ceja Vineyars and Bistro Sabor
I was referred to Pilates Napa Valley from a friend when I told them I had a pinched sciatica nerve (I was an avid runner for over 15 years) that was driving me crazy. 5 months of Pilates later and it's like my injury never happened! I, like many peeps I'm sure, was quite skeptical of the virtues of Pilates (Yoga too for that matter) but now I realize I was a dummy for not doing it sooner as I'm sure all injuries would have been averted. So the moral of the story - sign up for Pilates class today! It doesn't matter what age, body type or physical condition you're in as everyone can benefit from it. I love Pilates Napa Valley because you do all your workouts on a "reformer" which to me is more effective than simply doing the exercises on a mat. Heidi Strong, the owner/instructor is also super thorough in showing how to do all the exercises correctly. And since there are never more than 6 people in a session you get a lot of personal attention. The background music Heidi plays also kicks ass!
quotes  Rachelle Newbold
-Communications Director at Far Niente Winery
Pilates has made such a difference in my life, and I have Pilates Napa Valley to thank. I have mild to moderate scoliosis and a couple of slipped discs, and with long hours in front of a computer, I was beginning to experience increasing, sometimes excruciating, back pain. I joined Pilates Napa Valley in August 2009, and within two months I lost 2.5 lbs of fat and gained the same amount in muscle. And as if I weren’t already tall enough, I now measure a solid 5’11”—a ¾” gain. I also enjoy a significant reduction in back pain. I consider Pilates a very real part of my retirement plan! Strengthening my core now, in my early 30s, gives me the best chance at maintaining health and mobility as I age. A huge thank you to Pilates Napa Valley for helping me invest in my future!