What should I wear?

Dress in layers so you can remove top layers as you warm up. Wear comfortable clothing that is slightly fitted. It’s important for the instructor to see your muscles and spinal alignment, so they can properly cue exercises for you. Bare feet or grip socks are preferred.

How do I register?

Register online from your desktop or laptop, or use our app from your mobile phone.

What if I have a bad back, shoulder, wrist or other body part?

Let your instructor know at the beginning of class any medical issues or body parts that need to be considered when exercising. They can provide accommodations to keep you safe and working at an appropriate level.

What if I’ve never done Pilates?

Pilates is for EVERY BODY! We keep class size small so we can assist new students with reformer set up and other equipment. After a few classes, you’ll be a pro!

What if I have to cancel a class?

Due to limited class size, please make any cancellations or schedule changes at least18 hours prior to your scheduled class.

What if classes are full?

You can sign up online to wait list a full class. It does happen that schedules change and spots open up. We can contact you if a spot becomes available.

What if I’m pregnant?

Pilates can be a great form of exercise while pregnant. Please notify your instructor at the beginning of class so that we can keep you and your baby safe with modifications for certain exercises.

How long are my class packs good for?

Class packs are good for six months from the date of the first class attended.

Can my kids come to a class?

Students should be at least 16 to classes – and will need to have a parent or guardian sign their waiver.

Where should I park?

Our studio is conveniently located close to shops and dining with ample parking.