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Pilates Reformer Classes


Re:form School


Our signature Reformer class targets core stability muscles, improving overall muscle tone and flexibility. Designed to improve mobility and enhance athletic competence through deepening awareness and activation of deep intrinsic postural muscles and proper breathing technique. This is an efficient, effective whole body workout for every body! Appropriate for all levels.





This class is a fast paced multi-apparatus (primarily Reformer) workout, utilizing small props and cardio bursts to get your heart pumping and calories burning. We'll target core stability muscles from the inside out to slim and tone the body without's going to Amp you up for your day ahead!



Re:boot Turbo Pilates (90 Minutes)


This class is for intermediate to advanced existing clients that have attended 15 or more classes with us. Fast-paced Pilates work on the Reformer, JumpBoard and MVe Chair for 90-minutes without breaks or modifications. Not appropriate for beginners or those with injuries. If you are new to Pilates or our studio please call or email to get PRE-APPROVED prior to registration.


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Pilates Ball


Re:juvenate and Re:align


A perfect blend of flowing Pilates moves to re-awake your core, rejuvenate muscles and realign your body. Acoustic music, precision cueing and deep, full breathing techniques perfectly compliment this fluid hour of active stretching and strengthening. Appropriate for all levels.





These classes are appropriate for any level. With simple adjustments of resistance, and focus on the core Pilates principles, the same movements are adjusted to suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Exercises will leave you feeling challenged, focused and better aligned! Your Pilates practice will grow and improve immeasurably.  



Re:boot Amped  


This class is ideal for intermediate and advanced clients. We will work quickly with little rest or set-up as we progress through flowing classical Pilates exercises on multiple apparatus; therefore, prior experience and knowledge with the basic principles and movements are a plus. Beginner/intermediates ready for the next level of challenge are welcome to join, knowing this will be a faster paced class. Modifications will be offered as needed.