Heidi Strong at Pilates Napa Valley


Before discovering Pilates, Heidi enjoyed a successful and rewarding graphic design career for over 25 years. But years of sitting at a desk for 8-10 hours a day were taking a toll on her body. Increasingly poor posture, slumped and sore shoulders, tight and sore back and hips caused her to seek a fitness method to help correct her physique. She had heard the buzz about Pilates transforming bodies and decided to try it. Inspired by the immediate changes in her own body after practicing just three times a week for only one month, she was hooked! After completing an intensive Pilates comprehensive apparatus certification program through a Physical Mind Institute master trainer in Petaluma, she chose to shift gears from her design career and opened Pilates Napa Valley in April 2007. Heidi is indeed stronger than ever, and loves training clients of all ages and fitness levels who thrill at feeling and seeing their bodies and lives improve through the mind-body fitness methods of Pilates.

Tami Nixon at Pilates Napa Valley


Tami’s love of Pilates started in 2013 when she began her comprehensive teacher training at Yogaworks in Walnut Creek. She is classically trained, and certified under the mentorship of Rebekah Schulze, Physical Therapist and Vintage Pilates Master Teacher. Her expertise and knowledge in core movement principles is further fortified from a 40-year career teaching and practicing swim and dance. In addition to her Pilates career, she continues to own and operate the Makai Swim School in Napa. She enjoys sharing “the work” of the Pilates method with her PNV clients, inspiring them to move fluidly — finding breath, concentration, control, flow, their center, and precision, while having fun and getting flexibly fit!

Nancy Good at Pilates Napa Valley


Nancy’s love for the Pilates method began following back surgery in 2007, when she sought to rehabilitate and regain her strength and flexibility at PNV. She found the method so effective, she soon began her comprehensive teacher training through the Physical Mind Institute method, certified, and began teaching at PNV in 2008. Her personal experience and dedication shows in her instruction and attention to our client’s individual needs and goals. Nancy offers dynamic classes fitness classes on Pilates apparatus based on the eight Pilates principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, flowing/efficient movement, and alignment. She integrates these principles to develop challenging, motivating and results driven workouts for clients of all ages and every level.

Jen Hefner at Pilates Napa Valley


Jen has been an avid student of the Pilates method since 2009, and teaching at PNV since 2013. She received her formal training and certification through Body Arts and Sciences International® (BASI®). Jen feels passionately about Pilates and the holistic health and fitness benefits people achieve through regular practice. She is excited to share her love of body movement and knowledge of Pilates.

Debbie Dornaus at Pilates Napa Valley


Debbie pursued her Comprehensive Pilates training and certification through Balanced Body at the Pilates Collective in Sebastopol. She has been teaching at Pilates Napa Valley since 2012. Debbie specializes in engaging her clients in the traditional mind body Pilates experience, while integrating new and innovative stretching and resistance Pilates methods. She is particularly adept at training an aging population who want to maintain their youth and vitality through Pilates.